Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Review: I Am Number Four

So I went to this film knowing it was going to be some sort of Superman-esqu story about a teenager...but I thought it would be a little more legit. Since there are so many superhero movies out there one would think that if you were going to create a new one you would put some effort in so it didn't get lost in the black hole of superheros gone by. This is not what the people behind I Am Number Four did.  The movie was pure laziness.

There were holes all over the plot, the writing was garbage and Number 4's super power...well I have no idea, but it was almost as ridiculous as the glittering vampires of Twilight....Oh look my hands are glowing like an embedded flash light.

The "love story" arc of this movie also sucked because you have Alex Pettyfer who I, for some odd reason, thought was supposed to be super hot and he turned out to be a guy with a semi-fug face and an ok body. Then you have Dianna Argon who plays Quinn on Glee. I always thought that it was just her character that was annoying, but after seeing this train wreck I have decided that she just sucks as a person. It was odd that there was no chemistry what-so-ever and the two were supposedly dating in real life. Amateurs. They ruined something that pretty much had little to no potential in the first place...but still, a bit of effort would have been nice.

The only person in the whole thing that I liked was...um, wait - no one. I would give no one applause for their work on this film because it was just that forgettable...that is what I get for waiting an entire day to write a review for a movie that was in one ear and out the other.

The worst part of this whole this is that they were definitely setting it up for a sequel. Oh please God no.

Verdict: 2.0 Stars


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