Monday, February 14, 2011

ImMrFabulous: Did you notice? Hellloooo Charles Kelley

Guest post by Mr. Fabulous

Watching the Grammy’s last night I was blown away by a few aspects. There were the obvious HEROES of the night… Lady Gaga and her amazing performance, the fact the Biebs won ZERO awards (I wanna slap his filthy face), and the debut of the vanishing Jennifer Hudson. However, there was one ‘large’ part of the night that stopped me in my tracks… Lady Antebellum!

More specifically, Charles Kelley… Did you swipe an award earlier that night and conceal in your pants? I was waiting for security to tackle you and drag you off stage… Perhaps you stole a purse, a bottle of Dom, or Lady Gaga’s egg. Whatever that was you now have a new fan base!

Until we meet lover,



Mr. Fab,

Ooooo. You would notice such things you filthy man (although it was probably a sock). I obviously disagree about Lady Gaga's performance. It was very blah for me....however I liked Arcade Fire and you asked who the F they were and why they were dressed like they robbed a Value Village. (Which they obviously didn't...I am sure they pay for the clothes they get from VV).  So we agree to disagree...I know good music and you like to dance. And that is that. (Even though you threatened to end our friendship over my dislike of Born This Way).


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