Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hipsters Attack - Don't Know Who Arcade Fire Is?

Many people were wondering "Who the hell is Arcade Fire" after they won the Grammy for Best Album last week...which pissed off the hipster crowd (which, if I may add, is weird because I am pretty sure that they LOVE that the shit they like is underground and not just can't win).

This video was made by Funemployed, a web comedy group based in Chicago. Hilarious. I would never say I didn't know who a random band was in front of a hipster in fear of the hipster snob stare...non-hipsters never know which band may currently be #1 in the hipster world.

I am wondering though if hipsters will turn their back on the now well-known Arcade Fire...soon one of them will say "that was so 2010" and the rest will follow.


(Oh and Funemployed...Bieber was not nominated for Best Album FYI)

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  1. Oh shit you're right. Should've said Katy Perry, Damn! Thanks for posting! <3 Ted from Funemployed


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