Monday, February 14, 2011

Eck, Valentine's Day

So today is Hallmark's reason for existence, Valentine's Day. Above is a cutesy little video by Vancouver's Hilary Grist. I like it...I don't like the fact that it endorses the most evil holiday on the planet, but she is I am giving her a break and looking forward to some non-Valentine's Day vids in the future.

Reasons why Valentine's Day sucks:
1. Same reason as any holiday...expectations that lead to the crushing realization that Romantic Comedies bigger liars than Hitler and are ruining our lives.
2. Red. I am not a fan of the colour...and I am definitely not a fan of mixing red and pink...which is done on mass on V-Day. Yuck.
3. Valentine's cards...there is always some kid that gets none...which is really sad. It is the day where schools decided to let losers be known and the popular kids feel good about themselves. Tisk tisk.
4. Single people feel the need to assert the fact that they are ok with being single. This should not ever need to happen. Everyone knows that not having a ball and chain is wicked. No need to defend ourselves.
5. Cinnamon hearts. Hate.

So to those of you who are celebrating Valentine's Day because you are in a relationship and you feel it necessary to celebrate your 'love'...go for it. But if you make out in front of me in public I will punch you in the face, just like any other day.


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