Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dining at Denny's...always Trash-tastic

Oh. So THIS is why they call Denny's white trash. And I always thought it was because of the Moons Over My Hammy (yuck). I must say that this video kicks my 355 Mansion bitch fight into the dirt.

I am not sure what they are fighting about...but the description of this movie says that they were arguing over maple syrup. I love that they people on either side of them are just chillin eating their food.  I would have been out of there so fast...I wouldn't want one of those broad falling on me. What if blood was drawn??? You never know what kind of disease trashy bitches like that are packing.

You must wait until think it is over and then BAM. (Pretty sure the staff there are morons...they should have called the police and asked them to leave asap).

Side Note: The most annoying thing ever is when you are in a screaming match with someone and they start clapping in your face. So. F-cking. Rude.


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