Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chuck Bass is done with Gossip Girl

First Blair now Chuck. Ed Westwick is getting a little tired of Gossip Girl. He told Tatler Magazine that he is just ready to move on from the Upper East Side and the annoyingness that is becoming Gossip Girl...well ok, not those words exactly...more like these words:

It's all about the work, you know. The feeling you get when you connect to the work and that's what I had with Chuck Bass in the beginning -- I was fascinated by him. But now, to be completely honest, I'm ready to do something else. Really ready to do something else.

Gossip Girl will die without Chuck and Blair. Actually I don't even know what is keeping it a float right now as I lost interest 2 seasons ago.

Ed still has claim to my favorite television line of all time..."Because I'm Chuck Bass."


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