Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christina flubbs Anthem lyrics at Superbowl

Oh Christina. Maybe if you just sang the song instead of adding 4 bars on to the end of every word you may remember the correct order of the lyrics. I could see how one may screw them up when it takes you 1 minute to get to a point in the song when it would take a normal human 10 seconds.

So she f-cked up the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner...on one of the biggest days of the year to have that song sung. No biggie.

I will tell you one thing...if I was a singer I would NEVER agree to sing the National Anthem. I think probably 1 of 3 people f-ck it up and become the laughing stock of the country for an entire week...if you do it during the Superbowl you will be the laughing stock for the entire year. It's a written rule...somewhere. time, get your head in the game.


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