Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Dud from Maroon 5

I was watching Maroon 5's new music video and I was thinking...boring. The song, the video...everything about this band screams "music for housewives who want to be cool." Then I started thinking about the last time I actually really like a song by the band....I travelled back 9 years to Harder to Breath. This is the last time I loved a Maroon 5 song. How sad is that? Almost a decade since they wrote something outstanding and they are still very mainstream.

Maroon 5 writes safe, not too exciting, not too emotional songs. I think Adam and the boys need to pick it up.



  1. Who even cares what they are singing about..Im so busy dreaming about my future with Adam

  2. Have you ever been to a Maroon 5 show??? Ive been to 20.. they are amazing live. I couldnt careless about the video, I dont care about Adam and his model GF in bed together.. but as a band they are amazing and put on a great show!


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