Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's that Dude: Michael Seater @michaelseater

Michael Seater is one of Canada's young talents that didn't (well, kind of didn't) get sucked into the Disney vortex. After starring on the kiddie series Life with Derek he is now on CBC's 18 to Life...a show about two kids who get married when they are 18. They are idiots...ok that is my own opinion, BUT I also think that every person on Jersey Shore is an idiot too...and that makes for great TV, so this may be a winner.

I am not well versed enough with the show to break it down...I will leave the reviews and insights to the real experts (I could pretend I WAS, but that would be lying...and I never lie to my readers...intentionally). What I have seen I enjoyed and I really like Michael's character Tom.

So who is this Michael kid? Well I chatted briefly with him about some random stuff and these are the tid bits I received for you:
  • He just turned 24 a couple weekends ago...and instead of pulling a Charlie Sheen he had a flash back to his 13th birthday playing paintball and eating pizza. Although a 36 hour bender with coke and some porn stars would have been entertaining...guns are also fun. 
  • He just bought a pair of leather pants...for fashion not for riding a motor cycle (I approve). 
  • He just travelled all over South Africa in a beater car, but he didn't go shark diving because I guess there is some sort of controversy around making the sharks think that people are food. F-ck, seriously? I actually never thought of this...but I am NOT taking that sh*t off my bucket list I went there once to dive and it didn't happen...I will go back again (and then they can outlaw it, as long as I can do it first).
  • If he won a major award the first person he would thank is his mother. Safe answer...I would have rather he said "Bruce Willis for being my life inspiration," but maybe that is just me.
  • He is a man of many talents and also writes (where does one find the time?). He is trying to work on some feature scripts and would like to write an episode of 18 to Life (this I would like to see...please give this the green light CBC).
  • He is currently listening to a mix cd (Side Note: mix tape sounds so much better) that includes Bob Dylan, Wilco, The Like and Girl Talk. Hum, Girl Talk. Love.
  • If he could be any member of Jersey Shore he would be Snooki...joking. He would be Pauly D. Good choice...since he is getting his own spin off show and his hair is bullet proof.
He was an interesting fellow to chat with. A little too articulate for my liking...I actually asked him at one point if he was regurgitating a press release. How does someone who is 24 not say "like" every five seconds. It was mind blowing. But my favorite part of the conversation was when I discovered  that we had a mutual love for one of the best Christmas movies ever....Die Hard. F-ck yeah.

Photo Credit: @michaelseater
This Christmas Michael made the Nakatomi Tower (the building from the movie) out of ginger bread. Now that is dedication. Pretty much the best ode to Bruce Willis ever...standing O.

So that is it for that...if you have some questions for Michael you may be able to go and ask him some yourself...if you live in the GVA.  Tomorrow CBC is holding a giant orgy of most of its big players at Metrotown in Burnaby at 3:00PM including: Strombo, Brett Wilson from Dragons' Den, Graham Wardle and Jessica Amlee from Heartland, Allan Hawco and Lynda Boyd from Republic of Doyle, Stacey Farber and Michael Seater from 18 to Life and others. Click here for more info.

I feel like I've been having a giant hard on for CBC programing lately...I usually like to spread my love. I am sure it will pass. (It already kind of is...after Allan Hawco denied me his abs).


You can catch 18 to Life at 8:30PM on CBC.

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