Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 5: SAG Awards E! Red Carpet Moments

My plan for this weeks Top 5 was to have the best moments of the SAG Awards highlighted...but since they were a giant snooze fest I decided against it. Some things just shouldn't be broadcast...and this was one of them.

The only highlight for me was Natalie Portman giving everyone life advice "Don't be an ass hole." The most entertaining part was the pre-show...the red carpet with E!'s Giuliana Rancic and occasionally Ross Matthews was quite entertaining. Here are my top 5 best/awkward/OMG moments of the red carpet:

James Franco
Hot. Currently a model for Gucci. Did you know? Well now you do. When asked what he was wearing he responded, "I model for Gucci, so I have to wear Gucci." Worlds best spokesman right there...seriously, could you be more pleased with your endorsement? He better be better than this for the Oscars or I will be annoyed.

Mila Kunis 
My pick for best dressed. She was wearing an Alexandre McQueen dress. Love.

Mark Wahlberg 
 If he is somewhere that a Top 5 list is being made about you can guarantee that he will be on it. When he was being interviewed by Ross and Ross asked him if he could come over and sparr with him in his boxing ring and Mark said yeah sure come over....Ross replied with, don't say that if you don't mean it. It was hilarious...cause obviously he is a stalker and is now going to show up at house house with boxing gloves.

Tracey Morgan 
"Sarah Palin is the hottest MILF in the world." Oh good lord. This was more of an eye rolling moment for me as he said the same thing in a TNT interview and the press ate it need a new shtick Tracey.

Giuliana Rancic 
 You are bound to let something slip during a live broadcast and Giuliana did. She gave Justin Timberlake a mini bottle of whiskey for his birthday and then when he walked away he gave it to the next dude that was going up for an interview...this guy then produced it and Giuliana called JT an Indian giver....UM, WTF. Talk about not being PC. (And that is not even what a supposed indian giver is...they take back something they gave YOU). It still surprises me that people use these they not think they are offensive? A little while ago someone said "I got jewed" to me and my jaw dropped. Tisk tisk Giuliana.

Well that was it...if you can imagine that these were the most fascinating parts of the evening you should only be able to imagine the feeling of watching paint dry that ensued.


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  1. Indian giver haha I thought my mom was the only one who still said that. And legitimately meant it.


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