Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 5: Nerdy Actors

Ah the nerds. I definitely have a soft spot for those nerdy characters and the actors that play them. Here are my faves (and no, I did not forget Michael Cera).

Colin Hanks
Colin Hanks is dreamy.  I was so crushed when he got married. Most people would remember him from Orange County, but I really enjoyed him in one of his most recent films, High School, where he plays a school administrator who gets high off special brownies. Love.

Jay Baruchel
Ah, my favorite little Canadian nerd. He is really coming into his own after playing a supporting roles in movies such as Tropic Thunder and Knocked Up.

Justin Long
J Long may not be as nerdy as his is "normal"...he seems to get cast as the guy with the mundane life over and over again. But I still love it. I also loved him in He's Just Not that Into You, but not because he was a nerd (cause he wasn't) but because he drilled Gigi with common sense.

Jim Parsons
How can you have a list about nerds and not include Jim Parsons? That would be heresy.

Adam Brody
Seth Cohen made the OC...when Seth went rogue the show got cancelled. Enough said.  Although he hasn't had a lot of success since the show was cancelled I would have to say that he is doing better than some (well everyone, except Rachel Bilson).



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