Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 5: Hot Guys from Brothers & Sisters

I love Brothers & Sisters, it is a very underrated show. I also love the abundance of eye candy in the cast. So this weeks top 5 is dedicated to the hotties (past and present) of Brothers & Sisters.

Justin Walker (Dave Annable)
By far the hottest guy on this show. Every time Justin went off to war I held my breath cause I thought they were going to kill him off...seriously, that may have been the end of my Brothers & Sisters devotion. Thankfully he is still alive and kicking on the show and has given up his dog tags for his paramedic license.

Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe)
Unlike Justin, Rob was killed off the show. What a friggin shame. Rob Lowe is one beautiful man. I didn't think that Kitty should have even been able to recover after a husband that hot being killed in a car accident...she has since been with 2 other guys. Whore.

Seth (Ryan Devlin)
Seth is Kitty's current love interest...a masters student at the college she is teaching at. Scandalous. Last episode his mother, Dean of the College, played some mind games on Kitty and has her reassessing her liking for a kid with supposedly no drive.After last night's episode I don't know if Seth is going to be around any more...or if Kitty is for that matter. What the hell is going on there?

Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty)
Tommy was attractive...he was a dick, and a douche in real life, but I still think he merits being on this list. Unfortunately for Getty, that wasn't enough to keep him on the he got caught embezzling money, ran away to Mexico, lived in some weird commune and then headed over to Seattle. Good bye Tommy. (Side Note: Who the f-ck names their kid Balthazar?)

Kevin's Former BFs
Chad (Jason Lewis), Jason McCallister (Eric Winter)
Kevin Walker is a pimp...seriously, that man has had some hot boyfriends in the past. Scotty is ok, but he defs would not be making this list. Chad, played by Jason Lewis, was a love interest for Kevin in the first season...but he was famous or something and didn't want to come out of the closet if I remember correctly. He made a brief return last season for one episode.

Jason McCallister was Roberts gay minister brother who dated Kevin for a while before going to Africa or some equally far away place to be a missionary or something...Kev was not impressed and they broke up.

That's a wrap. I think the producers of this show should keep up the good work by introducing at least 2 new hot characters per season.


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