Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's tid bits...

So today there was some relationships and new spawn news that I thought you may like to know...but I could pretty much care less.

Ryan Philipe and Amanda Seyfried are supposedly an item. They are both average good looking...I think it works for them.
Jodie Sweeten, or as most of you know her as, Stephanie Tanner, got engaged at her 29th birthday party.
Miranda Kerr had a baby boy with Orlando Bloom. Then she sent out a picture of her breast feeding...sick.
Nicole Kidman had a kid...well not her, a surrogate. Hurrah.
Antonio Sabato Jr. is expecting a kid, a boy to be specific.
Hilary Duff is NOT expecting...thank God, that makes one wrong report out of 1,000.

There you go. Baby/relationship fix over.


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