Thursday, January 13, 2011

Taylor Swift Back to December (VIDEO)

Taylor's new video for Back to December has premiered. I like this song. But if you don't I will save you the five minutes it will take to watch this video and tell you that it consists of a guy walking around a baseball field and sitting on a set a bleachers in the snow and Taylor sitting in various rooms in a house crying and looking more morose than normal while writing a letter to this guy who she obviously dumped in December.

One thing that bugs me is that one of the places she sits is in her bath tub. She is not having a bath...she is wearing a shirt.  When is the last time you were like, "I am so sad...I am going to sit in my bathtub and have a cry"? (Soberly...I meant to say, when was the last time you soberly did that).

Side note: A lot of people break up in December. Expectations are too high and some people are just too cheap to dish out Christmas this was probably a good month for Taylor to pick for this song.


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