Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steve Carell Leaving The Office Earlier than Planned?

Steve Carell is going to be off of the show before the end of this season. According to producers they don't want the end of the season to be all about Carell leaving the show...because they still want people to get excited for the next season.

Michael will make his exit about 5 episodes before the shows end and then they remainder of the episodes will focus on getting a replacement, internally or externally, to be the new boss.

I think this is probably smart of them. It is kind of saying to everyone that the she will not die without Michael...well it may still die, but they are trying their best to not let that happen.

I think that they should make Meredith the boss. They would probably have to open a bar in the office and have a daily noon happy hour. It would be epic.


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