Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ryan Murphy Smashes Kings of Leon

I think Ryan Murphy needs to calm the f-ck down and realize that not everyone is going to love his show...and just because they don't doesn't mean that they are "against arts education."

The Glee creator was recently quoted talking about the Kings of Leon turning down the shows request to use their songs in an episode. The band was said that they didn't want to let shows use their songs because they thought it would be like selling out.

Well obviously this did not impress the short fused Murphy who recently told the Hollywood Reporter,

"Fuck you, Kings of Leon. They’re self-centred assholes, and they missed the big picture. They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. It’s like, OK, hate on arts education. You can make fun of Glee all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids on to music.”

Holy calm down. It is like you can't hate on Glee without hating on teaching kids about art and music. That is f-cked. Maybe they just think your show is shit...Murphy makes some pretty bold statements. What a d-bag.

Kings' response was this, "This was never meant as a slap in the face to Glee or to music education or to fans of the show. We’re not sure where the anger is coming from."  I do...years of verbal and physical torment by the football team.

I think Murphy should pop a humility pill and call it a day.



  1. I hate Glee, Ryan Murphy, AND I was a band kid. Your show just sucks.

  2. Instead of getting kids involved in arts education all Glee shows is that only one person of a group (aka all the Lea Micheles of the world) will take over and get all the attention so why should you really try anyways. And Glee is just becoming a glorified celebrity showcase (you know, if this were on Price is Right, it might be acceptable) and Ryan Murphy is just pissed he can't get KOL into his trophy case. For real dude, not everyone has your same blinkered, commercialized view of music. The last time I checked a 7 year old could still listen to a KOL song and have the same desire to pick up an instrument and learn how to play it, they don't need Lea Michele's rat through a cheese grater voice to do a cover of their song and make it "appealing" to the younger crowd. Obviously if they were tuning in because of the song they would know what it was before the show anyways. Good for KOL for not jumping on a sinking ship!


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