Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nick Carter has a New Single (Video)

Oh little Nick Carter. This new video is pretty terrible and looks like something Spencer Pratt would have put together starring Heidi's giant boobs.

The song is alright. He ain't no JT unfortunately.



  1. Yea, but face it. JT collaborated with every top producer/songwriter/artist out there for EVERY song and album. Name one single big hit that had him with just him. Or him with an unknown producer or 3rd tier producer. Can't do it. His entire career is built on the back of others. I can't help but wonder what Carter's career would be like if the urban R&B industry had adopted HIM as their first born child instead of JT, or Bieber either.

  2. Carter isn't as cute as JT or the beebs.
    Enough said.


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