Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mad Child Banned from the USA

Front man of the hip hop group Swollen Members, Mad Child, has recently been banned from entering the United States because of his supposed ties to the Hells Angels. I guess he was going through customs at the Vancouver airport and was pulled aside for 8.5 hours and questioned before being told that he was not able to come into the US and was banned in the future.

Hilarious. Have you seen Mad Child? The guy is TINY...have you seen the members of the Hells Angels? Huge. He isn't friends with them...but one of them. Pfft.

I guess Swollen Members are not a big enough group to get by on fame. Mad Child should take some tips from Paris Hilton. That betch seems to get out of everything.  "You killed a baby!" "I thought it was a Christmas turkey" "Oh, ok....we'll let you go."


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