Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life Unexpected Series Finale...2 years and a lot of wrap up in 2 minutes

Tonight was the series finale of Life Unexpected. It was a cute show, but the female leads tending to be on the ultra annoying side so I could see why the viewers were irritated to death and the show got the axe.

I would wrap up the entire 2 hour finale...except it would just take up too much space.  So I will tell you that in the last 15 minutes of the show they jump ahead 2 years and you get to see who ends up with whom.  So here it goes.

Lux is no longer an idiot and is valedictorian of her class (complete rubbish if you ask me). Her and Tasha are going to college together (cause some places are really keen on accepting kids who have been to juvie with assault charges).

Ryan is now with the ex-finance Julie and they have a kid together (that they conceived when he was still with Cate...what a man-slut). Math has finally found a woman and has impregnated (and I am assuming married) the producer of the Cate and Ryan show, Alice.

Baze and Cate are finally together and making out.

And Lux also has a man...but it is not the teacher, unfortunately...cause that would have been a ridiculous ending to a ridiculous season...no she is finally with Jones.  I guess having a bi-polar mother finally makes him good enough for her.

Sometimes I wish that shows would do that...wrap everything up when they know  that they are getting cancelled and tell the audience where the people would have ended up if the show ended later on...but after this I am glad that most shows just leave us guessing.  The most confusing and annoying ending I have ever come across.  (My favorites are still Friends and Fresh Prince....both empty houses. Hum, weird).

So long Lux and the gang, hope you find another show to be on soon. And when I say "Lux and the gang" I mean Baze, cause he is hot. The rest of you, meh...except for Tasha, she is legit, but is already on Lost Girl.


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