Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kristen Stewart...winning the Most Awkward Award since she was a fetus.

Stewarts part starts around the 1:45 mark

Kristen Stewart is an actress...which means she should be able to at least to pretend to act normal, correct? She has been at enough awards shows that by this point she should know 1) that she is going to win, Twilight is a disease. 2) She should have something prepared (but maybe not as formally written as Zac Efron's speech) and 3) that she is in dire need of an award acceptance coach.

A couple other things that I want to point out...why was Taylor Lautner walking her up the stairs? I mean, yes she probably would have fallen, but isn't she dating Robert Pattinson, who is British...which to me means that he should have some kind of gentlemen manners in him thus should have walked her up the stairs himself. Douche.

Second...She talks about filming Breaking Dawn and BAM - tells the entire world that she turns into a vampire. Well that was nice of her...way to ruin the ending betch.



  1. I seriously think that anyone who is watching the series has read the books. I don't think her turning into a vampire was much of a spoiler for anyone.

  2. bahha as I was watching the awards I pointed out to my friend that when Kristen Stewart walked on stage she was setting herself up for a brutal blog post by my dear friend Jes lol I agree she sucks...didnt she drop a award last year



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