Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jwoww and Snooki Bash Joy Behar

It is not a secret that a lot of people over 30 in Amercia hate Jersey Shore. Some of these people are media personalities and some are more vocal than others.  Joy Behar, co-host of The View and host of the Joy Behar Show, is very vocal about her hatred of the Snooks and the gang.

JWoww and Snooki decided to get back at Joy by doing a little video in her honor...Snooki plays Joy. Hilarious. They refer to her as carrot top, say that bread was 5 cents a loaf when she was in high school and that she just recently dyed her hair because she wants to be like Snooki.

"My job is to make fun of people [who are like the people] who hated me in high school because I was an ugly f-cking bitch." Snooki as Joy


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