Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jersey Shore is Back

The kids, minus Angelina, returned to Seasides Heights tonight in the season premiere of Jersey Shore season 3!
  • Snooks brought along one of her mini friends, Deena, who pulled a first night naked in front of the Sitch, got TURNED down by the Sitch (ouch) and then got into a huge fight with Sammi. So as of now...the jury is still out on Deena. She came out fighting...but sometimes you just need to play nice.
  • Sammi is still a crazy bitch. I definitely despise her beyond comprehension.  
  • Ronni is still a tool and is becoming a deflated balloon while he hangs out alone in his room with Sammi.  Kick that betch to the curb buddy.  
  • Jenni is still as feisty as ever and attacks Sammi at the very end of the episode...but we don't know who wins because the episode ended. All I have to say about THAT is that if Jwoww doesn't win I am going to be pissed.
  • Pauly hasn't really done anything yet...he is generally pretty passive when shit goes down.  
  • The Sitch is always stirring shit up, talking about people behind their backs, getting betches rowdy. Not impressive.  
  • Vinny smooshed with one of Snooki's friends over the break...she is not impressed about it.  Snooks tried to get with Vinny in the hot tub, he turned her down cause he knew she would get pissed when he went and banged other chicks later. Aw, how nice of him.

So far it looks like there are good times to be had on the Shore. If only there was a way to lock Sammi in a closet and never hear from her again. Betch.


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