Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interview with Allan Hawco: Clothes Not Optional

Allan Hawco, Canadian actor, writer and producer of CBC's Republic of Doyle, is currently doing a pub tour of some cities in Western Canada to meet some fans of the show that are not close to the show's home base in Newfoundland. Some may call it a pub crawl, but I don't as I associate pub crawls with mass alcohol consumption and puking out the window of a school bus....irrelevant, but I felt like sharing.

I got to sit down with Allan prior to his fan meeting in Calgary. We chatted a bit about the tour and how the show's social network of online supporters has grown over the year which has lead to more fans out West. I personally think that Newfoundland is full of hilarious peeps so I am not surprised that a show with St. John's as a back drop draws an audience. I think they should do a tour of Japan. They are big supporters of the Maritimes...Anne of Green Gables anyone? For real.

I think one of the biggest draws of the show is Jake Doyle, the main character played by Hawco. Besides the fact that he is haaaaawt, he is funny, ridiculous and kind of a man-slut. So I asked Hawco if there was any of him in his character.

"I'm not very much like Jake. He has a fearlessness about him that I don't have," said Hawco "I envy a lot of his traits."

I was thinking like being a man-slut, but Hawco was thinking more along the lines of integrity and honesty. Boring. But he is not Jake, as he will point out to you...but he does look like him. Wah wah wah. He also doesn't aspire to be Jake either...which was disappointing because I had planned on asking him to do something a little sketchy later on, but then I was thinking twice about it.

Time was tight 'cause all his groupies were waiting in the basement to pounce so I jumped right into the random q's that generally evoke hilarity or blank stares. In the middle of the randies I asked him if he could perform the Sound of Music in one minute.."it's something I ask everyone."  I found out that he could from his school friend (who I will refer to as Johnny Galecki for the remainder of this article) who said Allan did indeed preform this as his audition for the National Theatre School.

He went onto this big explanation about how crazy that question was because he actually did that at one time. I learned all about the NTS audition process...Hawco did not learn that I was just f-cking with him until I told him I was. He then called me an asshole and a dick (rightfully so...I think I really freaked him out with that was masterful).

So after that I felt like we broke the ice. We were at name calling terms and we had a mutual friend so I jumped in and asked him the task...the one that was a little sketchy.

"Ok so I talked to [Johnny Galecki] about this and he said you would, so can I get a photo of you without your shirt on?"

Let's just say he was not having it...I said no shirt, he said no. I said ab shot, he said no. I said why not, he said you are insane. And so on. You can read the full convo here. I actually think it bordered harassment...but I was not going home empty handed. In the end we compromised...he said that I could get a shot with his wrist, but we ended up with this:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Chiesa
All in all I thought it was a hilariously splendid interview. I got my laughs and Allan got the memory of a crazy, insane asshole - his words, not mine.


You can watch Republic of Doyle Wednesday nights at 9PM on CBC


  1. If there wasn't a photo I would not have believed you.

  2. yes allen hawco can put his head om my chest


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