Friday, January 21, 2011

In Review: Robyn Dell'Unto at the Ironwood (with Craig Cardiff)

Last night I went to the Ironwood (in Calgs) to see Robyn Dell'Unto play a small set in between Craig Cardiff's show. You may remember her name from my Top 5 list of Lesser Known Canadian Bands/Musicians. I was 100% sold on her ever since someone sent me the music video of her dressed in a chicken costume. She seemed funny, fun and had a super cutesy voice that I enjoyed.

I wasn't really sure what to expect because she seemed like such an unassuming character wearing a cute little dress (I couldn't help but think that she looked like a prettier version of Jillian from the Bachelorette)...but once she was on the stage by herself she was talking about doing cowboys and killing birds...wait, maybe it wasn't killing may have been hating them, but obviously I interpret this as wanting them dead because it is me, that's what I would be thinking. Anyways, what I meant by this was...she was kind of a vulgar little firecracker, I loved it.

Then came the singing. It is always a crap shoot with people that you like from their studio recordings to seeing them in live performances, but Dell'Unto was on. Love her voice. It was sweet and airy. Obviously I took a video, but I am writing this from my work desk (during lunch, for anyone here who may think I am "wasting company time"...eff off) so I will post it later tonight. She sounds like a more upbeat Ingrid Michaelson or a more folky Sara Barellies if I can do a comparison to someone you may be more familiar with.

I also want to write a second about Craig Cardiff because I had only heard about him once before this show, but I have decided that if he ever loses his hands or burns his throat in a fire he could definitely make a smooth transition into stand up comedy. He told some vary random stories such as the time that some guy took a dump on his porch and how he blackmailed a kid who worked at Wal-Mart into discounting his shoes to $5 because the kid was high. Who does that? Craig Cardiff, that's who. Hilarious. Oh and the music was also very lovely.

My only disappointment was that Robyn was not donning the chicken costume. That would have been epic.

So yes, Robyn Dell'Unto proved to me last night that she definitely earned her place as one of my Top 5 alum. Not sure if you can still get tickets, but if you can you should definitely check out Robyn and Craig at the Ironwood as they do a second show there tonight.

Verdict: 3.5 Stars


Oh and I also listened to her entire album. Super cute. Do buy it.

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