Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Review: Country Strong

No one said it was an Oscar contender (except for Best Original Song) but I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Gwyneth Paltrow plays a super famous country singer who is an alcoholic, falls off stage terminating the life of her unborn child, goes to rehab and then gets out early and goes on a tour before she is ready.

Reasons why I liked it:
  1. Garrett Hedlund can sing. It seriously made me want to rip off his clothes and do him...and THIS is the image I had in my head of him before. Big difference.
  2. It highlighted the complete ridiculousness of fame. Maybe this was intriguing to me specifically because I read this crap all the time...but I am aware of the fragile temperament of actors/musicians and their constant need for accolades or at the very least the absence of ridicule. 
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow can also sing...we knew this already from Duets. She can also be a disaster of a human...which I quite enjoyed watching.
  4. There was a fan in the movie that says that since Kelly (Paltrow) hit rock bottom she is going to rebound...I felt like yelling "I believe in Britney!"
  5. I love musicals, I like country music (more so during 10 days in July) and this worked. It may have been the use of actual actors instead of musician crossovers *cough* Glitter *cough* that we usually see.
 If I could describe this whole movie in once sentence it would read: "The slightly fictional story of Britney Spears' life."

Verdict: 3.6 Stars


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