Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Jes would destroy this Flash Mob #1

Another flash mob...but this time it was at Melrose in Calgary. It was 9:30 on a Saturday night...I have never been there when it was that empty (I don't count all the fools singing).

If I were to crash this flash mob I would stand up on the bar next to the woman singing and pretend like it was my scheduled turn to hold the mic and try to take it away from her...hopefully causing all sorts of chaos and a brawl.  If I didn't want to crash and I just wanted to destroy it I would have taken out the legs of the girl on the bar and then went right for the guy with the tambourine.

Not sure if some random girl standing on the bar is normal for Melrose...but if it is not that would have been the first give away of the surprise...also this is way too long.


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  1. Is that what they were compulsively tweeting about this weekend? Why would you hold a flash mob on a blizzarding day? Stoooooooopid.


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