Monday, January 17, 2011

Dumbest Piece of News to come out of the Golden Globes

News the day after an awards show tends to be all about what happened the night before. So of course I am not surprised that every place I usually look has articles on the winners, losers and what people were wearing. Then there are the stupid things that people drag out that should not have gotten press time the night of, let alone the morning after.

Everyone seems to be obsessing with the change of tint of Robert Pattinson's hair.  If I were a Ginger, probably the most shat on upon of all hair colors, I would be pissed that Rob's slight red-brown hue was being compared to my fire hair that gets me kicked in the shins once a year. I am not sure if any gingers out there agree with me...but seriously, what a stupid thing to get all riled up about.

Slow news day.


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