Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dan Levy is leaving MTV

Dan Levy is making his MTV exit. This isn't really a shock since Jessie Cruickshank headed South last year and the Hills is over, forever (and we will never hear from the likes of Speidi or Kristin again...well, one can dream).

I was hoping that MTV would realize that Dan Levy is the backbone of the network and keep him on, but alas he is leaving. I am assuming also to the States where he will forget what cold is and pussy out and never come back. Just being a realist here.

This is part of the message that Dan released on FB today,

...I've decided to take my next steps and bid farewell to my amazing MTV family...It's not goodbye, it's just a new hello. See you sooner than you may think!...

Dan, your new job better be dope and if you don't already have a one get your dad to hook you up...seriously, what good is having a famous father if he can't whore you out to his contacts?


Side note: Eugene Levy's glasses in that photo...sen-facking-sational.

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