Monday, January 31, 2011

Charlie Rehabs at Home

So supposedly Charlie Sheen is going to be doing his rehab in the comfort of his own home. Quick, hide all the briefcases, suite cases, purses, murses or anything else that can hold a couple bricks of cocaine. is probably best if you remove EVERYTHING from the house...there is probably white powder residue on everything.

I am guessing Charlie's house isn't small...I am also guessing that he has blow hidden all over the place. I have no idea why anyone would think this is a good idea...actually I am pretty sure that even Dr. Drew would agree that it is hard to rehabilitate one's self at the scene of the crime.

Do not be surprised if I post an update that this is misinformation.

UPDATE: No this is not a correction...just a bit of info...Charlie's rehab is going to cost CBS millions because they have to halt production. More episodes of Rules of Engagement have been ordered to fill the time slot (have you seen that show? thumbs down).


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