Monday, January 31, 2011

Biebs is Missing out on his Childhood. The World Mourns.

Biebs was on the TODAY show promoting his movie Never Say Never. Matt Lauer asked him about missing out on his childhood...and so did the fan who got to ask a question.

I have something to say about this. People are always concerned about young entertainers not "having a childhood." Yes...I think every kid needs to f-ck around, play sports and spend countless hours playing video games and binge drinking in their friends basement...or not. Who gives a shit if his teen years weren't "normal" some people's teen years are the worst of their life.

So yeah...Biebs is getting paid, doing cool shit and actually making a career out of something he loves to do. Let's all go cry for his lost childhood. F-ck that noise...I would settle for one of the above things. Preferably a combination of A and C, but I will take A.


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