Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Luck or GREAT LUCK?

On Monday a bomb went off in an airport in Moscow...but roughly a month before it is believed that another suicide bomber attached to the same group responsible for the bomb on Monday, was also going to detonate a bomb in a crowd on New Years Eve but f-cked up and was blown up by herself in her safe house.

The bombs are triggered by a cell phone. I guess the cell phone that was to be used was triggered by a "Happy New Years" message by the service provider. Hilarious. Well not hilarious...but kind of. So this chick had the belt on ready to go and BAM off it goes in her apartment.  She had to be f-cked up in the first place to be a suicide bomber and she was basically planning on killing herself that night anyways so I don't really feel that bed for her.

The experts say that the controller of the bomb would usually keep the phone off until the last possible second...but um, guess that didn't happen. 

Happy New Years to all!


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  1. No better way to start off the year with a bang!

    Sorry, bad joke. ;)

    What an idiot.


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