Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Babies. Agh.

Gawd...people were banging like bunnies over the winter.  There have been a couple of recent announcements of celebrities who are going to bring offspring into the world over the past week. Due to my utter hatred of children I try not to write about them as much as possible. (Seriously, A Jolie could adopt another 10 children for her factory work and I would be hesitant to report).

But there have been 3 in the past 2 days...and I like the number 3 so here you go:

Owen Wilson and his girlfriend (not important) are expecting...Owen, this means that you are not allowed to attempt suicide again buddy, cause that would really f-ck up your kid.

Marion Cotillard (Inception) is expecting a child with her french director boyfriend. Hum...this may set her back as I only knew her as the chick who won an Oscar for the movie that I never saw which was named after the lingerie store La Vie En Rose.

Jewel. Since the latest Lilith Fair tour completely bombed I believe it is safe to say Jewel is doing the right thing. It is always acceptable for someone who was formally very famous to blame their now not-so-famousness on the birth of baby. Smart move.

UPDATE: Kate Hudson is also pregnant. Gotta show up Owen don't cha.


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