Thursday, January 13, 2011

AJ Get Your Shit Together

The Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean checked into rehab this week.  He has dealt with substance abuse problems for the past decade and had previously made the group postpone a tour due to his first rehab stint.

I guess his addictions were getting in the way of tour practice so he decided to nip this thing in the butt early on (I appreciate his foresight).  He released the following statement today,

With 2011 being a busy year for Backstreet, I want to be healthy and perform & sing for people at my very best and happiest. None of this will affect our current tour plans and I look forward to seeing everyone really soon! Thank you for all of your support and respecting my family and friends privacy during this time

I swear to Jesus AJ, if you f-ck up this tour I will hunt you down and kill you...and then sue your estate for the cost of my tickets, air travel and emotional damages.


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