Thursday, December 2, 2010

U of C vs. Ryerson ... Competition of Stupid

So I read an article about a digital librarian, Brian Cameron, from Ryerson University taking photos from his office window of strippers on their break at work and posting them to his flickr account.  One of the strippers quoted was a former student at Ryerson...ummm, glad we know what a Ryerson education is getting you.

Laura (who would prefer to not have her last name shit) said, "I worked as a dancer for two years in part to pay tuition to the very university that employs this fellow… I think the termination of Brian Cameron is the only thing that can possibly happen."  So not only are you a stripper, but you are a drop out as well.  This really has nothing to do with the guy getting fired or not...I just wanted to point it out for laughs.

So we have a creeper taking pictures...and then we have a professor at the University of Calgary, Tom Flanagan, on CBC stating that he thinks that Obama should put out a hit on Julian Assange (the founder of Wikileaks).  Now which is more bad ass/stupid. Flanagan, hands f-cking down. 


Now I don't personally know Flanagan, but I DID take a POLI 201 class with him in which I got a D and I am still pissed about it...the only D on my whole transcript...from a 201 class in my 4th year. Sure you could argue that only attending the class twice the whole semester may have something to do with it or the fact that I was too cheap/had better things to do with my money (buy copious amounts of alcohol) than purchase the text book (written by the Prof himself)...but after this little debacle I am choosing to blame my failure on Flanagan. may think these things, but saying them on national TV...with a smirk on your face. WTF is wrong with you? 

It has already been determined that Brian Cooper of Ryerson is not going to be fired over his stripper pictures and since Flanagan just made an ass out of himself earlier today and has since apologised...I am not sure of his fate and there is no word yet from the U of C.

Tom...I am pretty sure this is the karma boomerang hitting you in the junk for giving me that D, just sayin.


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