Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 5: Christmas Movie Kids

Christmas is for the kids. They are the only ones who can truly enjoy it because they don't have to do any work, spend any money or shovel the driveway and then they reap all the rewards.  They get the best presents, cause the stuff kids want is cheap, thus they get more; they don't do any work, because no one wants to let a kid cook the turkey and they are too busy playing with their new toys to help clean up; and the trips that parents plan MUST be family friendly or all hell will break loose.  Why can't a kid just be happy going to an all inclusive with a swim up bar and let the parents have some fun for a change?

So as I was saying....Christmas is about the kids, so today I recognize my favourite children characters from Christmas movies (this was harder than I thought...there are less awesome kid characters in Christmas movies than I would have thought).

 Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin)
Home Alone, Home Alone 2
No-brainer and my all time number one. I think Culkin's Kev McCallister is my favorite child role ever...and not just in Christmas movies. I am sad that Mac never made the transition into being an adult actor. I guess he would just rather be high.

Slam (Bobb'e J. Thompson)
Fred Claus
You may remember BJ from Role Models...the kid with the mouth of a sailor. He also plays Slam, the little delinquent who lives above Fred and becomes an orphan in Fred Claus.  He tells the other kids that Santa isn't real and then gets in a fight with another kid at the orphanage. The movie was shat, but Slam was dope.

Rusty Griswold (Johnny Galecki)
Christmas Vacation
As one of the younger people in this Christmas classic I thought I would put Rusty on this list...also, because it is Johnny Galecki...also known as Leonard from Big Bang Theory. He's so grown up! And still nerdy.

Fuller McCallister (Kieran Culkin)
Home Alone, Home Alone 2
It was a small role, but a good one. You remember Fuller...he was the cousin who wet the bed and drank too much Pepsi. Kieran Culkin also did not really make the transition past child roles. Well, he tried but...yeah.

Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley)
A Christmas Story
You can't have a list about kids from Christmas movies and not put in Ralphie. I am not a HUGE fan of A Christmas Story, but I do like when he beats the shit out of that bully. Go Ralphie Go! Peter has also been in a couple of recent Christmas movies including Elf and Four Christmas (they both sucked, but at least he is still trying to do something with his life).

I realize that there are no girls on this list, but what can I say...there isn't really any good ones. The girls from Miracle on 34th Street (old and new versions) are annoying and Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who...well, that is just unbelievable isn't it.


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