Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thora Birch Fired from an Off-Broadway Show

Thora Birch was fired from the off-broadway show Dracula four days before the run started.  First of all...where has Thora Birch been? I haven't seen her in anything since American Beauty. So basically I thought she had died.

She supposedly got fired from the show because her dad, who is also her manager, was being aggressive with one of the male actors in the show. She said that she thought everything was going fine and then one day they asked her to leave the building.

I am not super surprised that they fired her...but I am surprised that they did it so close to the start date of the show. 4 days! I hope that understudy is up to speed.

Why is it that parent managers can f-ck over their kids so badly....or make them look so terrible and they keep them around. Idiots.


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