Thursday, December 2, 2010


There are a lot of rumours flying around that I haven't written about because I think they are just that...rumours. Not true...but I will share the ridiculousness with you.

Britney Spears gets beat by her boyfriend Jason Trawick.
Brit looks like a scrapper...and it doesn't look like there is any bruises on him, so I would, not true.

Miley Cyrus has nude pictures floating around the internet.
Miley is a complete moron so I could see this happening...buuuuut the picture that is floating around has the persons head cropped out. I just don't think she is smart enough to crop.

Kim Kardashian wants Hally Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, are going to have babies together.
Um...thank gawd I only saw this in one place because that is incredibly stupid.

Mel Gibson is going to have a comeback.
Hahahaha...ok I made that one up myself. No one would even reprint that because it is so insane.


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