Thursday, December 9, 2010

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

This weekend you can see...

The Chronicals of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The third film in the Narnia series is finally out. I thought that it already came out. Listen studios...when you make me wait so long before you release a film I forget that it exists until...the DAY BEFORE it is released. Unfortunately I am at my fantasy quota right now after the release of HP.

The King's Speech
This movie looks fantastic. Colin Firth is always dapper and this time he is playing the stuttering King George VI of England who takes the throne after his brother Edward unexpectably abdicates it. Geoffrey Rush plays his speech therapist who tries to make him into a public speaker. Love Rush, he is great.

The Tourist
I think Johnny Depp looks awesome in this movie. Angelina looks like she is playing the same old bad ass spy. It's getting old Ang. I would like to see her in a Sandra Bullock-esqu one the one she played in Miss Congeneality. I would go see that.


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