Monday, December 27, 2010

Most Anonying Child of 2010

Did you see the video of the kid that got books for Christmas last year? Well he was such an ungrateful little dink that the video went viral and him and his mom got invited to go on the Today show. Where they gave him a gift and his response was "this again."

Actually that was kind of funny...what was not funny was the mom saying that his little book tantrum was completely normal of a 3 year old. Yeah, maybe a spoiled brat of a three year old. Let me tell you...if I accidentally have kids and they pull this shit I will be giving them a swift back hand and returning every single one of their presents.

I wonder what he bitched about this year. "Clothes for Christmas? F-ck you Mom!"


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  1. that kid is so annoying.
    notice how my niece and your nephew thought the books they got for christmas were the best gifts? yeah, we're awesome.


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