Friday, December 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus "Tripping" (Video)

Miley Cyrus' little bong video hit the internet earlier today...I didn't really go into it because I didn't have time to watch the whole thing this morning.  Now I have seen it and I have the following to say.

  1. Next time I get high I am definitely going to eat Frosted Flakes. This product placement worked for me.
  2.  I would never get high with Miley Cyrus as that cackle laugh would probably drive me over the edge.
  3. She is referring to some guy as looking just like Liam "my boyfriend"...I thought they weren't dating anymore...not that I care, it is just an observation.
  4. How is it that she is looking and talking to the camera and not thinking...hum, me being filmed while high is probably NOT a good idea.
As much as I say that she is going to end up in rehab because of a crack addiction (which I still believe is possible)...the kid is 18 years old and didn't even know that she needed inhale and hold...which leads me to believe that she has never smoked before...which also leads me to believe that this was probably the first she has ever gotten high (on MJ or salvia or whatever the F that shit was)...which makes her cleaner than 50% of North American youth of today.

So Billy Ray (who tweeted today that he was very "sad" about the video) just get your panties out of a knot.  Once your kid starts hanging out with Lindsay, then you start worrying. Until then. Chill.


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