Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Review: The Fighter

Based on the true story of boxing great Micky Ward. Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale play brothers from Lowell, MA.  Dicky (Bale) is a former boxing star who is now a crack head and trainer of younger brother Micky (Wahlberg).

Dicky is a complete disaster of a human and should basically be in an anti-drug PSA to scare the shit out of children. Micky is just trying to win some fights and keeps getting screwed until his brother gets thrown in prison (for being absolutely ridiculous) and then he gets a break.

I have a couple of things to say (don't I always?).

First, Mark was shirtless for a great portion of the film which made me a very happy lady. Verdict: 5 Stars

Second, I was kind of shocked at how not amazing Mark's performance was. I have seen EVERYTHING he has ever been in (like any good wife would) except for Rockstar (I refuse to see him in a movie when his hair is longer than Rapunzel's) and I must say...I do not really see this as an award winning performance. That was extremely depressing to write as he was just nominated for a Golden Globe (which I am over the moon about), but I would be surprised if he won or was nominated for an Oscar.  The only grace I will give him for that performance was the 30 seconds at the end of the movie when you see the real Micky Ward and he was kind of mute and unanimated as well...but other than that I spent the whole movie waiting for that "Oscar moment" that didn't come.

I have to take a moment to ask...what the F-CK was with the 800 butch sisters with the crazy gross hair and the red neck names? Every scene with them was pretty much the most terrifying scene of my life.

The final boxing match was undeniably the most stressful sports match of all time. I am slightly biased because it was my hubby getting his face plowed in...but in relation to other boxing movies I would have to say that fight was up there with Rocky (ok...I haven't seen a TON of boxing movies...but I have seen the Rocky(s) and watching Mark is 10 times more stressful than watching Sly...his face always looks like it is beat in).

I had to save the best for last. Christian Bale. I didn't know Batman had it in him. First of all he took it to a whole other level losing basically all his body fat...I have never seen a man so attractive look so f-cking ugly in my entire life. I also never had a character enrage me to the point where I actually wanted to go out and find the real life version and punch him in the nuts. I hated Dicky....absolutely hated him for the entire movie up until the last 15 minutes. If Christian Bale doesn't win an Oscar for this role there better be damn good reason as to why not. Like...they Mayans screwed up and the world actually ends Jan 1, 2011.

Verdict: 4.3 Stars


Honorable mention to Melissa Leo who played the mother. I also wanted to kick her in the box. Superb.

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