Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Mr. Fabulous: Move Over Baby Jesus, Anthropologie Opens in Calgary

In a month filled with fabulous invites to all the hottest holiday parties, the festivities came to a screaming halt with news of the VIP opening of Anthropologie… but could it be so? My invite lost in the mail? A quick call to the marketing team in the US and we were added to the list.

As any deserving major party, I cracked out a fresh pair of Spanx, (yes they make them for men too) and was on my way through the blowing snow to Chinook Center. After checking out the world class visual window displays I have come to love from Anthropologie we made our way in to the store and promptly to the make shift bar.

A nice selection of beers wines and bubbles awaited us and to our delight, some of the nicest gals at the party! That theme continued throughout the night. Anthro, you did a great job of hiring… cutesie girls with manners and IQ’s.

Now if you’ve never been to Anthropologie before you can expect a unique sampling of fantastic home d├ęcor for you kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Imagine a really good rummage sale, church bizarre, or estate sale, now take the coolest best finds, clean them, and price them 20x higher then what you paid for them. A Retro feel with a modern chic twist.

Now ladies, they do sell clothing as well. (Sorry men, your stuck toting bags) As I can’t comment on the fit or quality, (the fitting room lime was too long), I decided to interrupt and ask the girls huddled around the cheese station that were busy filling their purses. “The clothing quality is okay, not good or bad, but it all fits really odd, it has no shape and a skirt will run you about $100”  I would have asked for more comments, but I began to feel the seams on my Spanxs begin to cower thanks to the dozen mini cupcakes I devoured.

So with a few more kiss kiss’s we grabbed a Perrier to go. Thank You Anthro for the great night… keep on trucking with your high end version of your sister store Urban Outfitters, you’re a real class act!

Until next time lovers,

Mr. Fabulous  

Mr F, 
You are way to kind. There were hookers with strollers - did you RSVP your baby?!?! - AND they didn't have a coat rack...which you would think they the middle of f-cking winter. The one thing I liked was a $1,600 chair which would take 10 men to move. I did appreciate the bar girls though...they didn't let my cup run dry. 

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