Thursday, December 2, 2010

Find Red

So M&M's is doing a contest which ends on Saturday where you can win a smart car. Now I have TRIED to find the f-cking Red M&M in the google street view on the site...but since my Toronto knowledge is based on a two day work trip I took there I am having a hard time.

So please go to the site and find the red guy and let me know where it is so that I can win a car...or you can enter for yourself, but that would be pretty shitty of you.

To go to the site click here.



  1. I spent 2 hours of my morning wasted looking for red.

    Then I asked google. Google responded:

    Your welcome.

    But I entered too. Suck it.

  2. Wait. I'm high on cold medicine. I'm not wasted. I wasted my morning. That's what I meant.

    Maybe I am wasted.


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