Friday, December 17, 2010

Do You Heart Justin Trudeau's Christmas Card?

Liberal MP and son of my Grandpa's all time fave Prime Minister Pierre, Justin Trudeau is under fire over his family Christmas card that shows his wife, kids and himself in jackets with fur trimmed hoods and a giant fur blanket with the inscription "During this Holiday season, let's celebrate what's most important by surrounding ourselves with love and warmth."

Hi-larious. The jackets are Canada Goose...which is legit, even though one of them costs more than my rent...but how could they not think that animal rights groups were going to go bat shit crazy over the blanket? Way to stick it to them JT.  I do love that they are saying that animal rights groups have "denounced" the Trudeau Christmas card. Seriously? Give it a rest already.

I am not pissed about this (as we all know I have a general all around dislike for furry creatures), but I AM pissed that I didn't receive this card...what gives JT?


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  1. Pierre used to send my mom xmas cards. Good man.


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