Monday, December 6, 2010

Dan Levy Sings!?!?

Dan Levy tweeted today that he will be putting out a Christmas song...which means Dan Levy sings. What is this come no one knew this before? (or maybe it was just me being ignorant?...someone that f-cking fantastic could not ALSO have musical ability).
My new holiday single "Lonely Christmas" drops TOMORROW on CHUMFM at 8:20am. I'll be live in studio to talk about it!! Tune in tomorrow morning. Let's make it a hit!!

Regardless if it sucks or not I will defs download it. It's Dan Levy for goodness sakes!

UPDATE: The song premiered on CHUM 104.5 FM this morning. Dan said that the song was not a platform to a singing career, but a song that will go along with his holiday special "Holiday Do's and Don'ts" which airs on MTV on Monday night (which will include "How to React when Receiving a Heinous Present" ... I definitely could use tips on that).

As for the song...cute. He ain't the next Bieber...his talk-singing is also not as dirty as Ke$ha's, but it is Levy so obviously I love it. The music video for the song will debut on Monday. (Listen to the song on Chum FM)


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