Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Calgary Tweeter Picked to Write a TV Show

CBS loves jacking tweeters to inspire their sitcoms. A Calgary woman, stay at home mom Kelly Oxford, is writing a series based on her life as a stay at home mom.  She had been working on a show when one of her followers, Jessica Alba, asked if she would be interested in doing something.

That is nice for her. But where is my television show? I have compared our tweets...and ok, maybe hers are superior to my own. But what does a girl have to do to get noticed around here? Make a sex tape? Date a professional athlete? Go to rehab? I think I will just continue to be awesome and hopefully something will work itself out.

Good luck Kelly. Stay away from the white stuff...unless it is soap, which you should use as you may not get far if you smell.



  1. She is no wittier than you's much easier to give the appearance of wittiness in under 140 characters (or whatever the twitter limit is). Although, she does spout some gems like:

    "Sometimes I think the moon is just the earth in the future and it's there to warn us and we're ignoring the warning. We're so stupid."

    Love the randomness.

  2. When I get my own reality show(which will happen), you can do the commentary for the dvd.


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