Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Brother 12: Brendon and Rachel are Over

Well that actually lasted longer than I thought.  Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother 12 have broken up...and it is not because she was too loud and obnoxious for actually.  He was cyber cheating on her, sent pictures of his schlong to a girl on the net who then broadcasted them to the world. Idiot.

The video above is Brendon's apology/explanation to...Rachel? Or the mass public, I really have no idea who this is meant for, but he cries like a little bitch in it. I am pretty sure it is worse than the time that Perez Hilton got beat by the BEP's body guard and then video taped himself going on a giant rant.

Seriously. I don't need to know all this information. Nor do I need to see you cry to know that you are a giant pussy.


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