Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Air Canada...I am Surprised

In general I have a seething disdain for Air Canada. I also have an enormous hate on for Flash Mobs and have added to my bucket list to "crash" a flash mob (which means...jump into one and pretend to be a part of it end up ruining the whole thing) maybe it's because it is the holidays, or because I just had a lovely lunch from Tim Hortons, but I actually liked this flash mob and it made my opinion of Air Canada go up slightly.

Here are the reasons why this flash mob (done on Saturday at the Vancouver airport) would not have got crashed by me (and I would have enjoyed seeing it):
  • They were not dancing to some played out Black Eyed Peas song (would someone PLEASE put an end to the BEP).
  • They actually had a dance that required more than some fist pumping...count on a bunch of flight attendants to get into it.
  • They looked like they were having a good time (most flash mobs have about 10% over enthused people, 40% ok, and 50% looking like they would rather be at home under their beds than doing the dance).
  • There is LIVE music. Holla, so great. (and it is the Vancouver band Abandon Paris - whose lead singer works for Air Canada)
  • They are doing it for a reason, rather than to say "we did a flash mob" they are wishing people a Merry Christmas.
I would like for WestJet to step it up and meet the challenge of their usually less friendly competition...preferably on the 24th around 9AM at the Calgary airport. Please and thank you.


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