Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Top 5: Movies

These are the top 5 movies of the year...that I have seen and rated. Obviously there are other movies out there that may be better, but I didn't see them so I can't judge. Also...I didn't see The Other Guys in theatres so I didn't give it a review, but if I did it would have been on this list close to the top.

Ben Affleck showed us once again that he is a force to be reckoned with as a director. My favorite part of this movie is the shout out to the Shawshank ending and this line:

Doug - "I need your help. You can't ask me what it is or who it's about, but we're gonna hurt some people."
James - "Who's car we gonna take?"

Robert Downey Jr. is hot. Zach Galifanakis is hilarious. I thought for sure I would hate this I tend to despise the "domino effect of bad shit happening" type plot lines, but this one I did not mind. I actually loved it. I also loved that they incorporated Two and a Half Men, brilliant.

I am an avid Angelina Jolie hater, but I will give the woman props for being, by far, the most bad ass actress ever to grace the screen. The plot had some lovely twists that kept you guessing and an ending that left you thinking their may be a sequel. Could you imagine if Tom Cruise had actually taken this role originally written for him. It definitely wouldn't have made this list.

I am biased because my husband is in this movie, BUT it is spectacular. Christian Bale gave the best performance of his life in this movie...and for some reason, you just can not go wrong with a boxing movie that is based on a true story of overcoming adversity.

This film is shot in Vancouver, starring Kat Dennings (one of my all time faves), and has the best soundtrack in decades. I saw it during CIFF so I don't think it has been picked up by a distributor yet (why, I have NO idea), but it was amazing. It incorporated the following, but it wasn't a trashy teen movie (I swear): small town, city girl, serial killer, affair, drugs, high school and death.

For some reason there was no big stand out movie this year for me. I know people would beg to differ with say, Inception, but I wasn't feeling it.  I also wasn't feeling avatar.  The worst movies of the year (as based by my ratings) were: I'm Still Here (0.5), Eat Pray Love (1.9), Eclipse (1.2), The Last Song (1.2), Score: A Hockey Musical (1.9).


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