Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Top 5: Human Disasters

Over exposure can run two ways. It can be from people loving you too much, which then makes people sick of you (ie. Taylor Swift, Betty White, Lady Gaga etc.) or there are those unfortunate celebs that are just such a wreck that you can't help but watch. 

This year these 5 were on everyone's year I hope they are off, or on for something less destructive.

Mel Gibson
Oh Mel.  When was the last time this man was in the press for something good. This year his recorded fights with his girlfriend were all over the place this year. Pegged as an emotionally and physically abusive boyfriend is not good for anyones PR....ever. His new movie The Beaver is partially based on his life (it isn't really...but sometimes I wonder).

Lindsay Lohan
I feel if I had done this list last year she would have been on it as well.  It was all down hill after Mean Girls and it doesn't feel like it is going to be looking up any time soon.  Rehab, Rehab failure, jail and rehab was basically Lindsay's year...not to mention the lost movie roles due to all the craziness.  I really wonder if she will ever get back on track. That could be a miracle.

Heidi Montag
I think she should be put on ever human disaster list retroactively to the moment she was born. Humans use ten percent of their brains, but Montag uses 1, if that. After getting 10 surgeries in one day she made this list. Then she separated from her loony husband and I thought about maaaaybe taking her off...but it was all a scam and they are back together and more fame whore-ish than ever. I just hate them both. They will never stop being human disasters until they get killed in a drive by which I am 100% positive will one day happen.

Charlie Sheen
He is coming out of the year pretty much unscathed, which is a miracle considering all the crap he got up to. It was the year of "Is he, or isn't he" for Charlie. Is he or isn't he: beating his wife, going to jail, getting divorced, going to rehab, on probation, breaking his probation, getting sued, leaving Two and a Half Men, shaving his head, still a douche and last and most recently, dead. I will say that he overcame the year pretty well considering. He didn't go to jail, is still on Two and a Half Men and making a shit ton of money and he is alive...even though there was a death hoax going around about him on Christmas Eve.

Jesse James
Why would ANYONE want to f-ck it up with Sandra Bullock? He didn't make this list because he cheated on Sandy, no he made this list because he destroyed what should have been the best year of her life. She won every award there was to win for her performance in The Blindside, was adopting a child and finally was getting over the shitty movies she made in the 90s (Force of Nature, Hope Floats etc).  He will always be a disaster after this because...well, he is fugly, he is trashy and he broke Sandy's heart. I will NEVER forgive him.

And there you have it. The biggest disasters of 2010.


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